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3D design is now more popular in designing field. No need to use 3D applications to create beautiful 3D effects. When you used tools of Photoshop and Illustrator correctly, you can achieve very nice results.
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  Category: Home > Flash > 3D

This tutorial will detail how to build a Featured Post section within WordPress. The featured area will contain the blog title, date and the excerpt.
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  Category: Home > PHP > Content Management

In this guide, we will teach you how you can do this kind of text warping into shapes in Illustrator. You can use this to create a more impressive graphic or title effect on your print booklet designs or brochure printing template, or in various printed materials.
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  Category: Home > Flash > 3D

Unfocused light effects, or more formally known as Bokeh effects are used in many creative style designs for booklet printing, brochure printing, web designs sometimes even in movies.
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  Category: Home > Flash > 3D

In this Photoshop Tutorial you will be learning how to make Stylish Wooden Text effect using Photoshop. We will be putting some Wooden Pattern over text then placing it over a Grass and putting some leaves over it. Some Layer Style commands would be used along with some tools. Not a very long tutorial, hopefully you will like to make this text. Ive taken some pictures through different places for giving some detailing.
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  Category: Home > Photoshop > Text Effects

A great illustrator tutorial which will help you create a beautifully-made, realistic-looking MP3 Player with ear-pieces. The use of gradient and how it defines various shapes of the MP3 layer will be shown.
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  Category: Home > Photoshop > Drawing

This is a quick photoshop tutorial for everyone. It will show you the easiest and quickest way on how to create a glossy button vector in Adobe Photoshop in few simple steps. Even a beginner can actually do this in time.
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  Category: Home > Photoshop > Buttons

Typography is the technique and art of arranging type to make words or letters noticeable. In this art (arrangement of type) involves the exact selection of font styles, line length, font size, line spacing and character spacing etc.
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  Category: Home > Photoshop

You all know very well about hosting services and hosting servers. You will think that what would be in this topic about hosting servers. We are not going to give you any tips about hosting servers but we will let you know that how to make 3d hosting server in Photoshop. I hope you will take interest in this topic and much appreciates through sharing with your network.
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  Category: Home > Photoshop

Modeling Nokia Lumia 800 is a very detail tutorial. Each step of the tutorial equipped with illustrative picture. It is also various technique in 3ds Max. It covers how to model using Graphite Modeling Tools. It also provides problem solving to cope with wrinkle effects.
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  Category: Home > 3DS MAX > Modeling

Things have moved on considerably since the days where you had to download, expensive and often unintuitive software to create attractive photo animations. You can now achieve professional looking results entirely online it just a few minutes. Adding a slider or slide show to your website remains a great way to add a sense of interactivity and functionality, which your visitors will really appreciate. During the following tutorial, we will be using one of the 15 (and counting!) stylish animations templates available at www.loxiastudio.com/en, to create and integrate a photo slider into your website.
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  Category: Home > Flash > Animation

Ah, Angry Birds one of the most popular online games for quite some time now. It seems that everyone has played this game at one point or another, including grandparents, teenagers, toddlers, and even executives.
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  Category: Home > Photoshop

By following this tutorial, you'll get a ready event calendar / scheduler for your ASP.NET MVC app within just 10-15 minutes!
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  Category: Home > C and Cpp > Development

Learn how to create a landscape illustration in photoshop just by using couple of tools
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  Category: Home > Photoshop

In this Photoshop Tutorial we are going to make High Tech Chip Logo. It will be teaching you some techniques about Logo Designing. We will be using some Basic Photoshop Tools like Rounded Rectangle Tool, Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool, and Basic Photoshop Commands like Layer Styles etc. to make this logo. Very informative and useful logo design technique for you to learn.
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  Category: Home > Photoshop > Web Graphics

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